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No Miss Natural Nail Polish

Apologies for the hiatus. I've had family issues to resolve. I've moved. I'm still working on some decisions that have to be made. Haven't had much time for focusing on makeup related stuff.

Life crashes down quickly sometimes.

But today I have the energy to write something. I'm slowly coming out of the slump.

While checking out a new health food store several miles from my home I discovered a brand of nail polish I'd never heard of - No Miss. It's supposedly better for nails than traditional drug store brands.

I immediately snatched up a bottle (at $7.99) and brought it home. The color I chose is a dark bronze/purple color named Braden Blackberry.

Now being as skeptical as I am about brands labeling their products natural when there's nothing natural about them, I immediately pulled out my trusty Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients. I checked the ingredients to see if anything was thought of as dangerous or cautionary. Nope, not a single ingredient (when used properly and not inhaled for prolonged periods) was labeled unsafe.


Now I have to comment here that the polish does smell just as bad as traditional polish. I expected something, I don't know, fruity smelling. No such luck. But the colors are beautiful and mine lasted just as long as OPI colors. And No Miss polishes contain UV inhibitors that supposedly protect the nails from sun damage. I didn't even know nails could get sun damage. I learned something new.

Next I'd like to try their coconut based lip glosses. The little store I visited didn't carry the full line. Just the nail polishes. I'll keep looking for other products from No Miss.