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Checking Out Thevi Cosmetics

I imagine some of you thought I was kidnapped. My 3Xs a week posts dropped to once a month - if I could muster the mental energy for that. After a major life shift, a new home and a lot of sadness, I am finally in a better space. I appreciate the kind emails I received from many of you during my absence. They meant a lot to me.

Now let's talk fun things...like Thevi Cosmetics. Back in the summer, the publicity department for Thevi Cosmetics sent me a few of their products to try. They are a relatively new brand on the scene with a vibrant color palette and gorgeous tones for women of color - not just African-American women, but Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Mediterranean and any interesting blend of the above.

Deep pigments, beautiful shades and an eye for what looks good on tan, caramel and brown skin tones set this line up for success. It also doesn't hurt that the company is courting the new ethnic faces in Hollywood, like their spokes model, Indian American actress, Kavi Ladnier.

When my two lipsticks and an eye shadow trio arrived, the first thing that caught my eye was the sleek packaging. I love the slim, sexy, gunmetal cases for their High Impact Lipstick. They've got great style. The eye shadow trio came in a similar gunmetal casing with a clear window so you can see the color inside. Smart move.

Swiping the eye shadows (Bistro is the combo I received) across my hand, I really liked how they adhered immediately and gave off just the right amount of shimmer. The lipsticks were equally impressive. The shades were beautiful and the texture was perfectly balanced between a lip stain and a lipstick. Not too glossy. Not too thick on the color.

I have to interject here that the line does not meet my desired standard of healthy/natural AT ALL. There are parabens in this line along with bismuth, which for many women is an irritant.

But if you aren't inclined to seek out natural cosmetics, then you'll be happy with Thevi's shades and the way they wear throughout the day. I must admit, I've gotten addicted to their lip color in Godiva. I fight with the "organic voice" inside my head every time I reach for it. I wore it at my friend's wedding a few weeks ago and got so many compliments (photo above).

You can check out Thevi's New Hollywood video here: