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New Business Collaboration

My friend Paul, a successful commercial photographer, wants to challenge his talents to grow in a different direction. We've been brainstorming on some business ideas that we'd enjoy doing together.

Our new venture? Model and actor portfolios/head shots. It doesn't pay nowhere near what we're both used to making for commercial and editorial work, but we'd have more creative freedom to make pretty pictures. And honestly, it would simply be fun.

So starting this weekend, we'll be shooting our first model shots. We've got three gorgeous young women from a local agency who'll be building their books. One of the girls is in negotiations with Wilhelmina Models in New York City.

We're providing three looks for each model including makeup/hair and wardrobe styling.

We also have some upcoming shoots for actor head shots.

A shout out to the local Barbizon and to my agent, Mary, for sending us our first victims, um, clients. And we'll have the ever wonderful Rachel to do her amazing hair styles. Rachel, if you're reading this, please don't leave us to move to San Francisco. We need you. LOL.

If you're a model/actor (or singer, comedian, etc.) in the Pennsylvania, NJ, Maryland or DC area, give us a shout out. We'll give you amazing portfolio photos and head shots. We're also considering doing magazine style family portraits. Stay tuned.

The photos here are Paul's work for advertising clients.