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A few weeks ago, Anna, a woman who'd been a guest in one of my makeup workshops contacted me. She wanted to introduce me to a skin treatment device that is getting a lot of media attention, the Galvanic Spa System II by Nu Skin.

As you may have read in fashion and travel magazines and seen on numerous news channels, the whole idea behind this sleek little device is regaining youthful skin. That makes perfect sense for a product developed by Nu Skin. Their focus since the company's inception has been state-of-the art anti-aging products.

Anna emailed me a litany of brochures and web links that gushed over this new beauty treatment. After reading the rave reviews, I decided it would be fun to check it out. We set up an appointment. I also asked a friend to come along and give her feedback.

The first thing Anna showed me were the company's before and after shots. I saw pictures of women and men who had used the Galvanic Spa System II on just one side of their face (or tummy, thighs, etc). The idea was to show the visible difference between treated and untreated skin after continued use of the product.

I have to admit, I was impressed. Some shots showed small changes with just two weeks of use. Others showed drastic skin improvements as the treatments had been continued over the course of several months.

The trick to seeing the major results is using the skin device along with the facial gels containing Nu Skin's AgeLOC technology. Okay, I'm warning you, I'm not a science type, but here's my best interpretation of what happens with the gel/machine combo:

Nu Skin's research has discovered clusters of genes that play a critical role in the process of aging. Nu Skin calls these "Youth Gene Clusters." The ingredients in the AgeLOC gel is said to work with these Youth Gene Clusters while simultaneously fighting against arNOX (a source of aging identified by Nu Skin).

The galvanic machine then helps the gel to penetrate to deeper levels and do its job correctly. Phew. I have a headache now. And if a Nu Skin rep reads this and has a fit because I totally botched it, please comment and I will change it.

But this is my dummied down version of what I think happens. At any rate, the gel and the galvanic machine seem to be working for a lot of people. In my five-minute treatment session, all I was able to determine is that it doesn't hurt in any way.

I obviously can't comment personally on the long term effects as I did not do the treatments for several weeks. I came pretty close to buying the galvanic machine.

I considered writing the $300 check on the spot. I mean it would only be a one time cost. But then I looked into the cost of the gel packets. The recommended treatment schedule is three times a week. Four packs of gels costs $46. A one-month supply of gel would be $138. That is in addition to my other skin care products - cleanser, toner, moisturizer, masks.

For my current budget, it's not a responsible investment. Perhaps when the economy changes and I'm back to the level of work I'm accustomed to getting. But I'm glad I got the chance to try it. And tell you all about it.

Has anyone out there used the Galvanic Spa System II for an extended amount of time? What were your results? Do you have pictures you could show us?