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Anna - Before & After

Anna, pictured here, came to one of my group workshops a few months back. We reconnected to discuss beauty/spa products and her personal beauty routine. As a certified image and etiquette consultant and CEO of Dale Resources, Anna does a lot of public speaking (sometimes on television).

Her personal style is, as expected, impeccable. And she faithfully uses an at home galvanic treatment device for her skin's health. But she's admitted she'd like advice on makeup selection and application, especially for those big event days.

When we met the first time Anna was simply wearing a light pink lip gloss and a swipe of soft black mascara (pictured above left). She has nearly perfect skin, soft and even toned, so foundation isn't a daily must-do. But I felt we could apply a sheer foundation like miessence organics translucent foundation to add a little glow to her skin for special occasions.

And I really wanted to bring out her eyes while also offering her a pop of cheek color to brighten her face.

Although we would be applying a full face of makeup, the goal was not a total redux. Think polished, not glam. We want her clients to still recognize her.

With mature skin it's important to pay attention to texture. Too much face powder or glittery colors accentuate lines and take away from natural beauty. Less, applied properly, is more.

After Anna washed and moisturized her face, I applied Brite Prep, a brightening foundation primer from FX, underneath Anna's eyes and just a dab all over her face. Concealer and foundation goes on and stays on better with a good primer underneath. It's a bonus that Brite Prep also has an SPF 50.

Next I reached for Laura Mercier's Undercover Pot-2, a great concealer with two color options for blending in a convenient travel sized pot.

I used a nylon brush to blend the concealer underneath her eyes and around her nose where she had the slightest bit of redness. Next came a thin layer of foundation applied with a damp sponge.

I applied a very light dusting of loose powder (using a huge, fluffy powder brush, not a puff) to set the concealer and foundation, careful not to cake it on.

Next, I gave her a swipe of Nars Orgasm blush on her cheekbones to accentuate the shape of her face.

Since we'd decided that the eyes were our focal point, I hand blended loose green and bronze mineral eye shadows to get a color that would work with Anna's changing eye colors and small shape. I added a stroke of the same color underneath her eyes as liner (I hate pencil eye liners for under eye definition unless I'm doing a smokey eye - they look harsh). I lined the top of her eyes with a dark brown pencil liner right in the lash line.

A coat of black mascara on the top lashes only finished her eyes.

The final touch was Bronzed Beauty lip gloss by Sephora (Thanks, Elizabeth for insisting I try it. I love the color).

Now Anna's makeup is as pulled together as the rest of her.

If you'd like to schedule a similar personal consultation, contact me at makeuptheory AT Verizon.net.

On a side note today (August 1) is my birthday! I'll be doing a weekend long celebration. Will post again on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.