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Shopping Services

Have you ever wished you had someone with you at the makeup counters who could recommend the best colors, textures and brands? Someone who’d tell you the truth about that trendy new “must have” lipstick?

That’s exactly who I am for many of my clients.

Here, Macey and I went to one of my favorite makeup boutiques, Bellissima, in Camp Hill, PA for a morning of “beauty therapy”. This intimate little boutique has wonderful brands like 3 Custom Color and Two Faced, which can’t be found anywhere else in the area.

Macey wasn’t familiar with the 3 Custom Color line. But when I explained that their claim to fame is recreating discontinued colors from other lines, she was thrilled. What woman hasn’t had a favorite lipstick discontinued? With 3 Custom Color, your favorite hue can live forever.

In our one-hour session, we played with sparkly eye liner (not recommended for most women over 16 unless it’s for a festive occasion), super shiny lip gloss and crazy, bright eye shades (in small doses). I’ll show Macey’s “after” look in a future post.

Makeup shopping is offered as a stand alone service for customers who are confident about their makeup application, but would like to explore a new seasonal look or special occasion makeup. It can also be included with beauty packages.

Note: Macey and I did not plan our outfits to match. We both happen have good taste.