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60+ Beautiful

I love showing mature women ways to update their look.

So, naturally, I was thrilled when Donna agreed to let me do a complimentary makeup session with her and post her shots on my blog. She’s normally quite shy about getting her picture taken, so I had to appeal to her sense of duty as my long time friend. It worked.

I wanted to create a sophisticated look that wouldn't be too fussy. Someone suggested I play up Donna's "book author look."

In this first picture, Donna did her own makeup, which normally consists of a quick swipe of Bare Escentials Foundation and her favorite deep pink lipstick and lip liner. Certainly not a bad look, but I wanted to show her something a little different.

I left her foundation in tact, but used under eye concealer to brighten her overall look. First, I applied a primer underneath her eyes to help her concealer adhere to her skin without settling into fine lines. Next, I applied a pot concealer underneath her eyes and wherever she had ruddiness (red spots). A taupe eye shadow was used to softly fill in her eyebrows.

Next, I applied brown/black eye liner inside her lash line. A sweep of a soft green/gray eye shadow was used just across her top lid and underneath her eye. Her cheeks are blushed with a soft pink and her lips are a warmer shade of pink than her usual choice.

The final results: Doesn’t she look like she’s dashing off to an evening of book signings?