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Makeup for teens

Kinsey, pictured here, is an up and coming model. She’ll be blasting into New York this summer to compete at IMTA where she'll meet with agents from around the world.

Preparation for Kinsey’s competition begins more than a year in advance. Here is one of the shots we did together for her portfolio.

Thousands of young girls like Kinsey compete at IMTA for contracts with top modeling agents such as Next, Ford and IMG. Major Hollywood casting agents are also there looking for the next Halle Berry or Eva Longoria (both discovered at an IMTA competition!)

Every year several aspiring models contract me to go to IMTA as their personal makeup artist. It’s a fast-paced, crazy, fun event that requires 4 AM makeup calls (four days straight!) and endless amounts of energy. I love it.

Part of my job is to make sure the girls I’m working with stand out from the crowd – in a good way.

Modeling agents want to see a girl’s face – not a mask of makeup. This is where a lot of DIY techniques work against the girls. They want to look like they’ve just stepped away from an avant garde photo shoot when agents want to see fresh-faced and young.

For Kinsey’s makeup, I went as soft as possible, while highlighted her beautiful features. Quite obviously, her skin is flawless. I used the lightest application of a powder foundation all over, mainly to keep away shine. Most teens can skip foundation and even sometimes concealer.

But to make her eyes glow as beautiful as her skin, I added a light shimmer powder where I’d normally use concealer. To bring out the chocolate brown in Kinsey’s eyes, I used a purple/brown eye shadow and finished it off with a coat of black mascara.

Her lips are accented with a shimmer lip veil – a product that feels as light as lip gloss, but wears like a lipstick. Try Face Stockholm’s Precious – it’s beautiful.

Good luck in NY, Kinsey!

Do you want to compete at IMTA, but you're not sure how to get in? Email me with your questions. I'd be glad to help.

Photography by Jonathan Roth