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The Red Lip

What lip color creates more glamor, drama and style than red? It's bold and sexy; and it's wearer is sure to make an entrance.

Deep, luscious red lips are the perfect accessory to the little black dress. Or the little white tee.

But no other lip color seems to cause women more angst. "I can't wear reds," I hear from my clients. "My skin is too _________________." Fill in the blank with anything from pale to olive to dark.

And I always give the same answer. "You've not found your perfect red...yet."

The quest for the perfect red seems like a perpetual journey. And some women give up after only a few swipes. Somewhere along the line, someone told them to try a blue red and an orange red. If neither worked, then it was hopeless.

Ah, but there's more to the equation than that. It's true that some reds are cool (blue), while others are warm (orange), but what about texture and density? These will change the look of a color as much as the undertones.

For instance, a lip stain like Nars Indian Red, is going to have a high gloss but a sheer application. Because it isn't dense with color, it will not be as intense as Folie De Grenat 525 by Guerlain.

Both products are beautiful, but each has its own "attitude". The woman who chooses the Nars color would probably be uncomfortable in the Guerlain product. Not because of orange or blue undertones, but because one product is a sheer red while the other is a heavily pigmented red.

Red Stockings, by Dior, gives a high definition gloss, deep red color PLUS shimmer. The reflective specks in this will create a mood that's very different from Liptini's Lip Liqueur Lip & Cheek Stain, which colors the lips a cherry red once it dries and bonds with the lips. No high gloss here, ladies.

But they're both great options, depending on the woman and the occasion.

So roll up your sleeves and head to the mall. There's a red out there with your name on it.

Do you have a red lip color that is your perfect match? I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment so others can learn of your good fortune and maybe find their perfect color, too.

Model: Angelique with Barbizon Harrisburg. She's wearing Burnt Red Matte Gloss by Monave.