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My New Site Launched!

After many months of planning and lots of sleepless nights, my new beauty site, The Healthy Beauty Project, is finally LIVE. It's about cosmetics, but with a lot more flare than I could do alone on this site. I've got a small team of friends and one amazing Media Director, who is making this new trumped up site possible.

From a friend who lets me use her home as a photo studio to star graphic designers who worked for free - I've been blessed with awesome support for this new venture. I hope you all come over and check out my video posts at spas around the country and my breaking news on what's happening in the "green" cosmetic market.

If you're getting married soon, there's a blog devoted entirely to your beauty needs.

I'll also provide videos on makeup techniques I've used for years on television and photo shoots. I'll have product reviews and great giveaways so you can try natural beauty options instead of the mainstream stuff that isn't always made with the your health in mind.

And in the next few months I'll be adding an array of informational and training products (along with a kick butt phone app) that teach you how to do your makeup like a pro and take care of your health.

So, please come visit and if you like it, follow on Friend Connect.