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Farm Fresh Organic Skincare - Free Giveaway!

Imagine placing a call to an organic farm and requesting freshly made skincare, specifically formulated for your needs. Now imagine that skincare is shipped out the day it’s made. If you’re used to packaged and processed beauty products from a drugstore or department store, this sounds like a far-fetched idea. But it’s not. It’s exactly what happens at Lily Organics.

When I heard about a farmer in Colorado who had her own organic farm and her own lab for turning her crop into the freshest skincare available, I had to speak with her. Lily Morgan, Head Farm Hand, as she likes to be known, was completely open to discussing her unique brand.

But then she forgot about our interview. When we did speak, she was incredibly apologetic. She’d gotten caught up in picking chamomile for her latest batch of cleansers and the time had slipped by.

No problem.

I had a list of questions that (read the rest here)