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Moving. Brave or Insane?

Remember how I visited Los Angeles last May and came back madly in love with the city? (See this post) Well now an opportunity has opened for me to move there, just as I had wished last year. I've hated where I currently live since I relocated here from New York City. It was one of those very bad life choices that has been hard to undo.

But now it seems I'm challenged to make a decision. Do I really have the courage to move clear across the country, alone and with little cash cushion? Someone I met while in LA last year (a friend of a friend, not a total stranger) was on her way out of LA for almost a year. She subletted her apartment in her absence. Well, two weeks ago she returned to LA and offered me her sofa (at a nominal fee) until I can find work and get on my feet.

I have few obligations (no pets, no kids, I no longer own a house) to keep me in PA; but I don't have anything definite that I'm going to in LA. I have several job possibilities, but nothing concrete. In major cities employers don't want to hear about how you're going to move to their area. The line is often, "Great. Call us when you arrive." I've heard this several times now.

I understand. When I lived in NYC, I'd often get inquiries from women asking if I could help them settle into life in the Big Apple. I'd offer to help, but I didn't put a lot of stake in them actually getting up the nerve to come. Most people get cold feet and stay where it's safe and familiar.

I don't want to be one of those people.

But of course, the possibility of failure here is relatively high. I need to look at that realistically. But I know I'd regret not taking this chance. Even if it means tucking my tail and coming back to PA to regroup for another try in the future.

A friend in NY suggested I join Chip In, a site that allows friends, family and strangers if so inclined, to donate towards a goal. I signed up with the idea, hey, you never know. If any of you would like to donate a buck or two to my new life, it would be greatly appreciated. It's all done through Paypal. I'm planning to stuff my Hyundai to the gills and head west on February 26th.

Wish me luck. And please drop by to say an encouraging word. I could use it.