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Latisse Eyelash Medication

Have any of you seen the commercials with Brooke Shields endorsing a new FDA approved eyelash medication? The formal name of the product is Latisse. Here is a video about it. There are fancier commercials/videos out there, but they all warn of impending death if anyone uses their video in a blog. Copyright laws are serious business.

But this doctor, Charles Runnel, answers the basic questions about Latisse. And he doesn't seem hostile about others using his video. After watching it, tell me if you'd try the product. Or if you have already.

I have a natural suspicion concerning drugs that address cosmetic concerns only. But the idea of having long, sexy Bambi lashes the moment I wake up is sort of appealing, although incredibly vain.

People using Latisse have reported the need to trim their eyelashes because they grew so long and thick. However, I did hear that the product turns blue eyes brown with extended use. Hmmm. That sort of freaks me out. I already have brown eyes, so I wouldn't see a change, but it's weird that the medication has the ability to change eye color. I just wonder how safe this is long term. What do you think?