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Skin Scentuals Review & Giveaway

Before I left for Los Angeles (which I LOVED, by the way), I told you all how I received this amazing stash of all natural skin and bath products in the mail, compliments of Skin Scentuals.

It's always fun to get beauty and bath products in the mail, but lately I've been dealing with a bout of depression. Anything good that happens to me helps to lift my spirits.

Boy, did this box help!

Nine luscious products ranging from giant, floral scented bath bombs to a whipped butter body scrub arrived in full sizes via UPS. I've had three weeks to pamper myself and take notes for all of you. Here goes, face products first.

Face EScentual Gentle Face Cleanser
This product really is the gentlest face cleanser I've ever used. It has a slightly milky consistency thanks to yogurt powder (packed with lactic acid for hydrating dry skin)and Colloidal oatmeal. It's also loaded with natural anti-aging ingredients like aloe, grapeseed oil and rosehip seed oil. I've used this cleanser every day since it arrived.

There are no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or petroleum. For those of you who lust after lather, this isn't the cleanser for you. And I don't know how effective it would be against oily skin. But for dry, mature skin this is a keeper.

Face EScentual Cleanser
This powder cleanser, containing Green tea powder, Bladderwrack Powder (a seaweed rich in amino acid that prevents the skin from losing moisture), Honey Powder and Yogurt Powder, exfoliates and works as a nourishing face mask. I like products that have multiple uses. Less bottles in the bathroom.

With this cleanser, I simply scoop out a small amount, mix with water and work in circles across my face. The slightly grainy texture exfoliates, leaving my skin really soft and smooth.

Because I'm addicted to the Gentle Facial Cleanser, I've mainly used this cleanser for weekly exfoliation or as a nourishing mask.

Simply Clean Toner
This toner is a mild formula made with aloe, rose water, natural Witch Hazel and willow bark extract. I didn't NOT like this product, but nothing stood out for me. Since I'm a mixer, I usually do my own toner from Aloe Vera juice and Witch Hazel. As far as I can tell, it works just as well.

But for those who'd prefer the convenience of a pre-mixed solution, this is a good product.

Dead Sea Mineral Masque
LOVE THIS STUFF!!! This tingly, minty green masque is pure heaven. The clay used is extracted from the mineral rich Dead Sea (which boasts a higher salt & mineral content than any ocean in the world). Essential oils and aloe are added for extra benefits. I left the mud on my face & neck for 15 minutes. When I washed it off, my skin was glowing. This is a keeper.

Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer
This very light gel moisturizer is a great daytime moisturizer underneath my mineral makeup. It adds just the right amount of glow and moisture without being greasy. But I prefer something heavier for night time. Ingredients include aloe, licorice root (a skin brightener) and lavender EO.

Now for the body products:

Whipped Shea Souffle
My flaky, dry skin loves this stuff. The whipped shea nut and mango butters are taken up a notch with olive oil, black current oil and grapeseed oil. I smoothed this on after getting out of the shower and my skin was radiant. I will warn those with oily or normal skin, this may be a bit much on the oil department.

But for me, it was just what my thirsty skin needed. I'll be ordering a pound of it for the winter. No more ashy knees!

Whipped Butter Body Scrub
I tried to like this product, I really did. But in the end, I don't. It has virtually the same ingredients list as the Whipped Shea Souffle, so I don't get it. Well, actually I do. The exfoliating granules (I think its sea salt) irritated my skin. I normally do brown sugar drenched in oils as a body scrub, so maybe I just have problems with salt scrubs in general.

But the product also left a tacky (almost sticky) film on my skin. So, this one won't be on my list.

Bath Bombs
I've seen bath bombs in chic little bath stores and thought, what a gimmick. Well, I've been reformed. What a fun, colorful bath experience I had with the two bath bombs from Skin Scentuals. First of all, they were huge. I barely got my hand around one of them. And when I released it into the water, the fizz was media-worthy, no lie. A moment later, a floral scent filled my entire bathroom while my bath water turned Caribbean sea green.

I slid into the warm water and immediately felt the shea butter and oils glide across my skin. I'll never bathe without a bath bomb again. LOL I want to try their chocolate version.

Sweet Dreams Bath Oil
I really like the old style apothecary bottle and the herbs floating around inside the oils. But the product - it was all right. I guess after the high-impact bath bomb, sprinkling a few drops of oil in my bath was anti-climatic. But I get it. There are a lot of good ingredients in this oil that help nourish the skin and relax the mind.

Overall, I like this line a lot and I'm excited that it's handmade and all-natural. The only thing I really don't like about this line is the labeling. I stored my bottles in the shower and two days later, I couldn't read a single label. The ink was smeared so badly, I was left guessing which product was which. So, be sure to store them away from water.

Would you like a chance to try these fun, nourishing products? Sherri Antras, creator of Skin Scentuals, has graciously offered to do a giveaway with her products. And it's a good one!

You can CHOOSE a Facial Collection filled with a full-sized cleanser, toner and moisturizer matched to your skin type all shipped in a beautiful gift box. This is a $57 value.


You can choose a Bath Collection which includes an 8 oz body lotion, a body scrub and a spa soap (honey almond sounds yummy). This set is valued at $43.50

Wait, there's more...


You can get 4 of her wonderful bath bombs in a pretty gift box. With scents like Wine & Roses, Orange Creamsicle and Peppermint Candy, it'll be so much fun experimenting. I had the Mediterranean Breeze. It was wonderful. This set is worth $22.

If you'd like to get your hands on these freebies, here's how you get your name in the running.

1. Publicly follow this blog. I say this every contest and get about seven entries from people who don't click the follow button at the right. You won't be entered into the drawing if you don't publicly follow this blog.

2. Hop over to Skin Scentuals and pick out which of the sets mentioned above (they are not sets on the site, but they've been put together especially for this blog's giveaway) you'd like to win.

3. Come back here and let me know through a comment which products you'd like and why. Make it good because this one isn't a random drawing. It's based on real need. If you can convince me that you really need that set, it'll be yours.

This contest will run through May 31th. Good luck, ladies!