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Avoiding Matchy-Matchy

Whenever I'm on shoots, models tease me about my disdain for "matchy, matchy makeup". I hate makeup that looks paint-by-numbers. Pink shirt = pink lips, cheeks and nails. Please, no.

I'm not saying burn the color wheel and wear something that makes no sense whatsoever. Just think outside the box a teeny bit. Natalie, our model shown here, has healthy, beautiful skin and a complexion that I could do just about anything with.

However, I have to take into account that she's wearing a bright shirt and a dramatic, colorful necklace. If I'd gone wild on her makeup, the client would have been overwhelmed with too much color and textures. But if I'd "matched" her makeup - blue/green eye shadow, for instance - the whole look would have been too expected.

I chose to keep her foundation light and dewy - nothing too thick or powdered. And her lips neutral (she could have worn more color, but the idea was to keep her fresh & young looking - a deeper lip would have aged her).

As for her eyes, choosing to emulate one of the green "jewels" in her necklace kept the look cohesive, but made it a little less predictable.

When I do makeup for clients I always push myself not to choose the most obvious choice for colors. It's like avoiding stereotypes in creative writing or living room "sets" in decorating. It's all about adding a touch of whimsy.