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Inside Out Glow

Two weekends ago, while grocery shopping in the health food section of Wegman's, I lingered near the refrigerated vitamins. I've been eyeing a certain oil for several months now. I've wanted to purchase it, but I kept talking myself out of it. "It'll taste nasty," I heard my inner child say. "Dark chocolate is good for you and it'll taste so much better than some yucky flax oil."

Most days I agreed with my inner child and skipped over to the Farmer's Market for some fresh made 60% dark chocolate. But this day my husband was with me. "Would you stop staring at that stuff and just buy it already," he huffed, obviously tired of witnessing my psychological struggles every time we go grocery shopping.

"But it's $14!" I said, trying to sound far too frugal to spend such outrageous amounts on something so frivolous. But he knew and I knew I'd gladly spend double that on a new Tweezerman, so I stopped pretending.

I bought the oil.

Well, let me just say this stuff is amazing. Barlean's Essential Woman is a fusion of organic flaxseed and Evening Primrose oils packed with 5115 mg of Omega-3, 2330 mg of Omega-6 and 1488 mg of Omega 9. It also contains rosemary oil, which stimulates the scalp and aids in hair growth. This stuff has leveled out mood swings (you ladies know what I mean here), softened my hair and given my skin a crazy glow - in just two weeks!

I take one tablespoon a day mixed in with soy yogurt and granola (can't stand it alone - chocolate really does taste better) for my inside beauty treatment. For my outside beauty treatment, I use a little underneath my eyes at night and a dab on the ends of my hair to protect them from the harsh, cold winter.

Evening Primrose is said to gradually diminish wrinkles and fine lines, lighten dark circles, hydrate the skin and improve elasticity.

Flax seed oil has too many benefits to list in the scope of this post, but I will say it's known to help with the treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis, both serious skin issues.

I'm so glad I broke down and purchased this wonder product.

Do you have a favorite internal beauty treatment? Please share.