Empowering Every Woman to be Beautiful

Own the Color

My car is covered over with three inches of ice. And although I have to brave the weather at some point today to grocery shop, I’m stalling – flipping through the pages of an outdated Vogue.

Have you ever noticed how fashion and beauty magazines give beauty advice like it’s a universal law? “Every woman in the know this season will be strutting a purple smoky eye – as day wear.”

I often run into the aftermath of this in my workshops. An irate woman in the back will raise her hand and tell me that Lucky said everyone should be wearing pink lipstick this season. Why am I talking about plums?

This is when I point out the importance of buying products that look good on you – no matter what the magazines are pushing for the season. They have advertisers to keep happy. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with staying current.

The important thing to remember when trying out a new, “must have” product is to trust your gut. It doesn’t matter how trendy the color is if it doesn’t look good on you. You have to “own the color.”

What do I mean? Look at these two pictures of Twila (friend who I bribed to do this). In the first, her lipstick is really bright. It’s not atrocious (we could have found something even brighter), but the lipstick takes over the shot.

It has a personality all its own. If you met Twila at an event, you’d probably only notice her lips. Which is a shame. She’s a really interesting person.

I’ve seen this look duplicated with blush, eye shadows, etc. It’s distracting. Especially in a business setting.

Now, look at the second shot. The color isn’t exactly exciting (I wasn’t going for edgy here), but it’s pretty. More importantly, you are aware of all of Twila’s face, not just her lips. She owns the color.

That’s it for now. I’ve got to go de-ice my car.

This is actually my neighbor's car. Should I help her de-ice, too? It would be neighborly of me.