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Exciting New Project

This morning I'm struggling with some cold/flu symptoms as I run around putting the final touches on my new beauty venture. As those of you who've followed this blog know, last year I was faithful with writing 3-4 times a week.

And then I went through a life shift and just couldn't devote the time and love to this blog that I had the previous year.

I'm happy to announce I am working on a new site that is launching July 1 (if I stop driving the web designer crazy with changes!). It's all hush-hush at the moment, but I'll say it's fun and informative with a twist I hope will excite you as much as it does me.

As this new project is a joint venture with a local television talent and several other business people and artists, it'll take well appointed time and lots of masterful juggling to get all of the pieces in place.

Our entire crew works "regular" jobs, after all. But hopefully, we'll be able to bring our talents together on a consistent basis (at least twice a week) to offer you great cosmetic related news and fun how-tos. Please stay tuned for the new web address.

Model in above shot is Kat Prickett, on-air host and producer at PCNTV. Photo by Paul Emberger at Emberger Media