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Loving Olive Eye Shadow

With Spring just around the corner (and not a moment too soon for my taste), I'm digging in my pro makeup kit for some fun colors for my eyes. Usually, I make a serious line in the sand concerning my makeup stash.

What I have for work is neatly arranged in an over-sized tool box (I no longer spend hundreds of dollars on fancy cases. No one in my market cares), while my personal makeup is kept in a cute little black case sitting atop my dresser.

But every once in a while I need to cross the line. Especially since so many mineral makeup brands have been sending me irresistible hues from their collections. I can't put them all in my kit. So, my newest obsession is olive green eye shadow. It's perfect on so many skin tones - from the lightest to the darkest.

Those with brown or hazel eyes will get the most glam from this beautiful color. Unlike a flat, grassy green, olive eye shadow made from minerals has a natural sheen and a touch of gold that reflects beautifully off light.

I'm sad to say I have no idea what brand I'm wearing in the above shot. Because of my focus on natural, many of the products I receive (and buy) are from small, indie brands. Sometimes their samples arrive in unmarked tins and, even ZipLoc bags. I understand. Labels are costly, especially for a new cosmetic company.

If you'd like to try an olive shadow, stop by Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics. They have three gorgeous olive green shadows - Envy, Manhattan Project and Eden Park. Each has its own unique undertones, and at just $5 a piece, you can try all three.

That's it for now. But stop by frequently. I may do a giveaway with some fun eye shadows within the next few weeks.