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My Unexpected Modeling Gig

This past Friday was crazy. With my move to Los Angeles coming up in less than two weeks, I have so many things to get organized. And on top of normal moving stuff, I've also got to get my passport renewed because a friend in Hollywood told me about an amazing job opportunity that requires international travel.

So, I was running around like a chicken without a head when I decided to check my email. I logged in and there was a message from one of my favorite clients - an art director at a local production company. He wanted to book me for a job. Nothing strange there. I've done makeup and wardrobe for them on national and local television commercials for years.

But here's the twist: They wanted me to be the model on this shoot! Well, more specifically, they wanted my hands for the shoot. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this. Seriously? I am not a high maintenance type. I tend to keep my nails rather conservative in length. I do my own neutral, quick sweep of nail color (when I think of it). And I can't remember the last time I've seen the inside of a nail salon.

It's just not me. There are several reasons for my disinterest in hyped up nails.
1. I hate sitting in salons, especially nail salons. The toxic scents really bother me. 2. I've never had a freshly painted set of nails last more than two days before I've trashed them. What's the point? 3. My hands aren't my cutest asset. I've rescued small, trapped animals and done makeup in subzero temperatures in Iceland. My hands have been bitten and frozen (several times) making them less likely to be considered "modeling material."

I checked with the art director I know. Are you sure you want my hands? No, actually. He wasn't. He wanted me to send over a picture of my hands, ASAP. Because we all have shots of just our hands in our family albums.

No more than a second after reading the email did my guy spring into action. He's a commercial photographer. He was adamant. "You're going to get this gig. You need the money for your move."

In less than five minutes he had turned his living room into a photography studio. I ran to the store and grabbed my signature neutral color and swiped a coat over my plain nails. Thirty minutes later, we had the shot above. I whisked it over to the art director. He loved it. I'm doing the job in about two hours.

It's funny how good things sometimes drop in your lap when you least expect them.