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New Beginnings

(Photo by Sir Mervs)

The New Year is challenging me, as I'm sure is the case with many of you, to do some soul searching. It seems our "New Economy" (which is code for "scary times") is shaking up businesses, both large and small.

And in order to survive, many of us have had to rethink, refocus and rebrand ourselves. We've also had to become more frugal in both business and personal lives.

Yesterday I spoke with a skin care and makeup formulator who makes a fabulous, all natural cosmetic line. Her products have repeatedly earned customer accolades and great press since her launch, but she's considering closing her lab doors and embarking on a new life journey. The sales just aren't what they need to be.

I'm facing the same questions she is. Is this dip in the economy something that's going to go on indefinitely? Or is it just a matter of sticking it out for another year or so? Is there something else I'd rather be doing now that I have the slope in business and time to consider the bigger picture?

I'm finding these questions emotionally difficult to answer.

It was sobering when I realized how much my career plays into my identity, especially now that my career may be changing. It's also enlightening to realize how much a previous lifestyle afforded me the time to build a business. As a newly single woman, I don't have the liberty of staying at home, dedicating days and weeks to my business without concerning myself over the bottom line.

I need to seriously watch that line now.

And if I'm totally honest, my heart has been straying away from the beauty industry for a while now. I love it in the way that you love a old friend. But I don't think I want to be married to it any longer.

So what's next? And do I continue to blog? If so, about what? And will I even have the time if I'm trying to hustle out a living?

The most important thing, I think, for any of us facing these life changing questions is to consider this time as an opportunity, not a curse. New beginnings are always a little unsettling. Who likes change that's forced on them? I love adventure and spontaneity, but on my terms. I want to initiate, not scramble to respond.

But life rarely asks us what we want.

One thing I have in the works is a new website (not a blog) that will showcase the various skills I've learned from my beauty business and my marketing/training and communications background. It's mainly a job seeking tool, not a fun exchange about lipstick. It's still in the baby stage.

For now, I'm working part time for a marketing and sales solutions company as a field rep. And hoping to parlay that into something more concrete. They're a great company with a lot of major brands as their accounts.

So, we'll see what happens.

I'd love to hear how you ladies are handling the changes in the economy. Are you currently changing careers or revamping your business?