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Killer Color

The beach was wonderful. I spent several days with a friend enjoying the sun and the sea. It was just what I needed.

But back to work now.

The picture above is from a recent shoot with a local model, Ashley. I wanted to create something that was both pretty and eerie. Choosing to shoot through the glass with the light on in the back gave it that "Hitchcock" feel.

Aren't you just a little afraid for her? The look is supposed to imply she's either going to lose her mind shortly; or get attacked by the strange neighbor who always carries a weed wacker.

I know. I probably should work this out in counseling, not photos. But some day I'd like to write scripts. This is good practice. LOL

Anyway, the idea was to keep the makeup pretty, with an emphasis on her blue eyes. Normally, to accentuate blue eyes, I don't slather them in more blue tones. Contrasting colors work best - bronzes, golds, etc. But the idea here was to create a mood.

So, I went with a heavy dose of light blue eye shadow and navy eye liner. Going this strong on eyes demands a lighter hand on the rest of her makeup. Hence the peachy pink lips and light dusting of blush. I darkened her brows just a little and gave them more definition, like the actresses in 50's thrillers.

Our inspiration, Susan Hayward:

So, the above is our (thanks, Paul!) updated, colorful version of a psychological thriller.

If you'd like to try something this intense on your eyes for a glam night out (it works best in a dimly lit room; And be sure to wear a killer gown that hugs curves), remember to practice before the actual night.

Blending is key. And go very light on lips and blush. A softly hued lip gloss would be perfect. And stay away from the guy with the weed wacker.

How many of you out there have braved a look with intense eye color?