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My NYC Trip

A few weeks ago I had a week long job in Manhattan, which is home for me. I always love when I book jobs that take me back there. After working with 12 models (yes, 12!) for this particular job, I needed to do something fun and off beat after the gig was done.

So I stayed in the city a few extra days and popped by a new youth hostel in Brooklyn with a friend. It was such a fun experience. The hostel is located in an industrial (warehouses like crazy) area at the end of nowhere.

But it was totally wonderful. The neighborhood had earthy, organic grocery stores and Internet cafes with funky attitude. The crowd mostly consisted of under 25 artist types with locs and enough tattoos to go around.

We made friends with a sleepy stray cat while we munched on healthy grub and drank fresh squeezed oj.

Check out the cool wall art in the background. I'm glad I did something spontanous.