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Cover FX Winner!

Happy Monday! I know. Most people say, "Happy Friday," but I figure if I try hard to make all days happy, I'll have a better attitude all around.

And for me, this was a happy Monday. My agent called earlier today and put me on hold for six days for a national ad campaign. Thank God. Advertising (the real bread & butter of my business) has been so slow in this economy. The pay will enable me to take care of some pressing family matters and return my life to normal.

I'm very thankful.

I also signed up at a local gym today. I'm a size six, so I'm not trying to lose weight, but it would be nice to build some muscle before I don a bikini on my birthday and head for the beach.

As a friend said earlier, who wants to go to the beach and hear, "Would you like some fries with that shake?"

But enough about my fat thighs. Now on to business. Today's the day I put your names in a drawing for the Brite Prep FX primer and guess what???

Sonora Sage won!

Congrats, Sonora. You need to email me at makeuptheory AT verizon.net with your mailing info so I can pop that in the mail to you.

Thanks to all of you who entered. I have a stash of color products to give away later this week.

Until tomorrow...