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Candy Glam Girl

Lately I've been busting out of my neutral zone and incorporating color into my life - from my wardrobe to my makeup. Last week I was at Macy's and I can't explain it, but before I knew it, I was clutching a richly patterned plum and gold dress as I made my way to the cash register.

A nearly purple dress may not be a shocking purchase for some of you, but for this girl who most times grabs charcoal gray or black, it was a little off beat. But I like it. It's a new me. Cue up Diana Ross's, I'm Coming Out.

And just in time for my brighter, bolder image, Candy Glam, a line getting buzz for their bold, in-your-face all over glitters and brightly hued shimmer shadows, sent me a goody bag. How do these things coincide?

Who cares? I'm loving the colors. And to add to the beauty of it all, they're mineral! I snatched the High Definition Eye Color in Plum and left the rest for you ladies. Wasn't that sweet of me?

So, this giveaway consist of Candy Glam's High Definition Eye Color in Aqua - a wonderfully bright sea foam inspired color that can be applied wet or dry.

AND you'll also get three of Candy Glam's Sparkles - loose, finely milled body, hair and face glitter. I have Lilac, Green Briar and Miss Muffet (a red/pink tone) to pass your way.

If serious glitter is not your thing, then you must know a teen girl who would do anything to get her hands on these goodies. Tell her to come over and enter to win.

All she (or you) have to do is 1) publicly follow this blog 2)comment at the end of this post so I can enter you in the drawing. Easy. I'll be picking a winner on Tuesday, June 30.

Good luck!