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Becca Winner!!!!

Hello ladies,

I am so sorry it's taken me two days longer than I promised to report the winner of the Becca Giveaway. As you know, I was in Los Angeles for a little over a week and then as I was flying back into Chicago, my connecting flight to Pa was canceled. I sat in the Chicago airport for five hours. I didn't get home until nearly midnight instead of 6 PM. Grrrr.

I had a shoot bright & early the next morning.

Never fly United. A friend who flew from Hawaii to Chicago to connect to Pa had her flight canceled just a week ago. Not particularly customer friendly.

Anyway, back to more pleasant things - our Becca Giveaway winner is...drum roll, please - Housewife Savant!

Congratulations pretty woman. You're going to look gorgeous in the colors in this collection.

To everyone who entered, thanks so much. There will be other goodies going out in the near future. Keep reading.