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Thank You, Banana Republic!

Phew. I finally got the virus issue solved. Well, actually four techies solved the issue over the course of nearly six hours. Insane. But I seem to be up and running again without any problems - although they did erase my beautiful San Francisco Bay desktop photo. Oh, well.

Back to business.

I was surfing the Web the other day and came across Banana Republic's ad campaign entitled, City Stories. To my delight, they've used one of my favorite artist in the ads - Ayo.

She's a Nigerian/German songwriter/singer with a culturally eclectic sound. And her music, thankfully, is never about sexing strangers she meets in clubs. I adore her "Well, It's Supposed to Be Love," a song about domestic violence. To say I'm a fan is an understatement.

Right now she's my makeup crush. I dream of creating a look for one of her videos. Look at that face.

Here's her cool Banana Republic ad: