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Mommy Makeover - Date Night

My friend, Kristen, has ivory skin, deep blue eyes and beautiful fiery red hair. She rarely wears more than mascara and lip balm. But a couple of weeks ago she cornered me in the bathroom at church. "I'm ready," she said with a serious tone. "I want to learn to do my makeup."

I was excited to hear that. I'd been trying to get Kristen to let me play with color on her face for a while, but she'd usually say, "I probably won't do what you teach me. I don't have much time, you know."

Kristen is a stay-at-home mom with two sons who are under 4.

When we got together for her makeup lesson, we talked about my Three-Products-in-Three Minutes strategy. She loved it. Her three products were 1. concealer 2. blush 3. mascara.

Just those three products gave her a pulled together look for her mid-afternoon grocery store runs.

But we decided to go beyond that into a more glamorous look that she could do for date nights with her husband, Mike. Here are shots of what we did. Most of the products are by Eve Organics. I'll be doing an interview and giveaway with the line's creator, Sharron Pinheiro, in a week or so.

Here, we're just getting the mineral foundation applied. If your skin is as fair as Kristen's, be careful not to get a foundation that is too light. Sometimes my clients automatically think they're the lightest color in a line, but discover that they've ordered a shade too pale. When ordering foundations online, order samples of the 3 fairest shades and compare them by swiping them on your jawline. The one that seems to disappear into your skin is your correct color.

Here I blended Eve Organics Deep Abyss, Camo and Platinum to get this eye shadow shade. Loose minerals are great for creating your own signature colors. I applied them with a soft bristle eye shadow brush and then blended with a clean blender brush.

A very light brush of EO Baby Blush on Kristen's cheeks and a soft pink toned lip gloss kept the focus where we wanted it, on her eyes.

Final result! Kristen's all set for her date night. Doesn't she look pretty?

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