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Budget Friendly Skincare

Yesterday I was visiting one of my favorite hair blogs and found a new "beauty adviser" on board. For one of the post, the young makeup guru created a spring look that consisted of four streaks of very defined (and bright) colors across the eyes accentuated with a black Cleopatra inspired eye liner that ran almost to the nose.

As I read the comments at the bottom, I found one woman to be particularly upset by the post. She ranted about how women need to stop putting all that junk on our faces and just take good care of our skin.

Hmmmm. I'd certainly agree that the spring recommendation was a bit, well, hardcore. And some blending was definitely in order. But let's not toss out the baby with the bath water here.

Makeup, if done with a subtle hand, can polish a woman's look without mimicking exotic bird plumage. Even special event makeup can be understated with one pop of exciting color applied either on the lips or eyes.

But I totally agree with the notion that taking care of our skin trumps loading it up with makeup. Especially if the makeup is contributing to skin problems, which cheap makeup often does.

I've had clients admit that it comes down to money. If you're on a budget, the choices are amazing, expensive skin care products or good makeup. But that's not always the case.

Makeup is something most women don't have the time or the skill to make from scratch. But skincare products can easily be found in your fridge or your kitchen cabinets.

For instance, I love using plain yogurt as a face exfoliant. The lactic acid lifts dead skin cells without using harsh chemicals or irritating seeds. And my skin feels as soft as a baby's butt afterward.

In the winter months, raw honey and olive oil work wonders for my dry, dull skin. Friends with oily skin issues swear by tomato face masks. When I make my avocado/honey face mask for extra moisturizing, my curious kitty, SoHo, thinks I've added something new to his menu (see above picture).

Speaking of menus - what we eat and drink also play a big part in the health of our skin. I am (mostly) vegetarian at the moment and hoping to go completely raw food by the end of the year. Just weeding out junk, taking in more fresh juices and drinking plenty of water have made a big difference in my skin.

It's really not difficult to take good care of your skin and look gorgeous without going broke. I believe a holistic approach works best.

If you'd like help with making recession proof skincare, visit I'm On The Lookout, a great site with videos on making skincare products.

You can also purchase Natural Beauty Recipe Book from Amazon.

Do you have a homemade beauty or skincare product that you love? I'd like to post the recipe for others to try.