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Adventure Makeup

My good friend, adventure girl and globe trotter, Tasha, has never been much for makeup. But that’s understandable. From a stint as a broadcast journalist for the Paralympics in Greece to hanging out with missionaries in India, this girl is busy. She also visits places where humidity makes makeup a joke.

But a few months ago while stateside, Tasha decided she wanted to learn to spruce up just a little. She made it clear that she wanted to look polished not pimped. Whatever routine we created needed to be budget friendly (cash for traveling is her top priority), and easy enough that she can apply her “face” while flagging down a Jitney in the Philippines.

No problem.

I introduced Tasha to my favorite budget cosmetic line – Sonia Kashuk. Created for Target by celebrity makeup artist extraordinare, Sonia Kashuk, this line defies reason – especially the liquid foundations. The colors are right on, the texture is like butter and the cost is even sweeter - $10.49 (The line also offers a loose mineral foundation for $14.99)

So what did we do with Tasha? I swiped a very sheer layer of SK liquid foundation all over. We skipped the face powder, but in certain climates, Tasha will definitely need the powder. We also opted for lightly powdered face blotters, for those super oily days.

Concealer was a little harder to keep within budget. I’ve never found a drugstore concealer that I like – sorry. Here, I applied a professional concealer I had in my kit (hey, truth in advertising), but I had to recommend something comparable that Tasha could purchase without becoming a makeup artist. We settled on Origin’s Quick Hide! Wand concealer.
It’s not completely budget, but at $14.50 (versus a typical $35 department store concealer), it’s still a steal.

And for color, we chose an all-in-one product – Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks. We got blush and lipstick for $35, and one less product to pack.

Doesn't she look fresh faced and pretty?