Empowering Every Woman to be Beautiful

Global, Organic, Celebrity Makeup Artist/Beauty Editor/TV Host

Life has been squeezing me a little too much lately. I couldn’t figure out what was the problem, but for several months I’ve been feeling incredibly small… and powerless.

And then, a few days ago, someone encouraged me to read, Do What You Are, an amazing career book by Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron. The premise of the book states that as we understand our personality types, we are better at comprehending what we should be doing.

Sounds simple enough.

There’s a series of exercises in the book to help the reader narrow down their lettered profile. I’m an ESFP, which means Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving.

Okay, I already knew that I'm an extrovert who prefers to know something (vs. “reading between the lines”). I’m also aware that I make decisions based on how passionate I am about something (feeling) and I like spontenaity, flexibility and change (Perceiver).

But, as I dug deeper into the author’s observations about my “type” and got a big picture view of what my strengths and weaknesses are, I had an “aha moment.”

It was a little unsettling, but also a relief to finally admit I need to work “differently.” Several things I’d been shrugging off were explained as sign posts – big arrows in the road of life saying, “Go this way!”

My biggest discovery: I hate working alone. There I said it. I said it out loud. And on the Internet for all the world to see. As much as I LOVE working with the women I meet in my workshops and even doing makeup for corporate videos, television commercials and print ads, I spend most of my time working alone (blogging, marketing, eating) until the next gig.

Not the best environment for an ESFP. However, ESFP’s don’t do well confined to gray cubicles with florescent lighting (makeup looks horrible!)

So, I sat down and thought of what my perfect career move would look like. Please forgive me if you came here to read about new eye shadow colors and I’m whining about my work contributions to mankind. But I need to get this out there because I so strongly believe in things happening as you put them “out there.”

Here’s the open list I compiled of the changes I’d like to make in my career pursuit.

With fifteen years experience in the beauty industry working along side the fashion & entertainment industries, naturally, I like creative endeavors that entail working with an eclectic blend of personalities.

And of course, I get a big high from making people more physically attractive, but I’m willing to explore other directions if something cool comes up.

I love to travel. If I could wake up in a different country every week, that would be ideal. And talking in front of an audience, training, inspiring, etc is completely my cup of tea. I don’t understand the whole “fear of speaking in front of a crowd” thing. It’s such an adrenalin rush for me.

There are a few companies I can think of (in no particular order) that are intriguing: Suki Cosmetics, The Cloutier Agency, NBC, ABC, Universal Studios, Becca Cosmetics, Budget Travel Magazine, Organic Style Magazine, Spa Magazine and Organic Beauty Magazine.

But I really need to be stationed on the West Coast. California or bust! Oh, wait. I could do London, Paris or Belgium, also. Europe or bust!

Some jobs I think would be a blast: A beauty editor for a magazine. An international makeup artist for a cosmetic line. The TV host of a multi-cultural beauty show. A staff writer at a spa/travel magazine (I was a contributing style/beauty editor for a regional magazine for three years). A makeup artist on a fun television show like Ugly Betty. Personal Assistant to Stephen Spielberg. Come on, doesn’t that last one sound like the coolest job in the world? Okay, I’m losing focus here.

Anyway, if you have connections to something that sounds like a possible match for this ESFP, please shoot me an email. And Mr. Spielberg, if you’re reading, I think you’re a creative genius and I’d be willing to work relatively cheap.