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Give Away Winners!!!!


As promised, the winners of the Priia and the Fusion of Color Give Aways were chosen today. A neutral, third party (my husband) chose the three names from our black Pier 1 salad bowl. This is all very official.

The Winner of the Priia Lip gloss is... AGrlCanMac!!! This was meant to be, as this girl is a pure makeup junky. Congrats. Hop over to Priia and choose a color from her About2Pout lip glosses. It's going to be a hard choice because they are all GORGEOUS. My fave is Dragonfruit.
And don't forget the 10% off till the end of the month with the code TODRA10

The 2 Winners of the Fusion of Color Gift Bags are...Cadance (you just made it into the drawing!) and Faire l'amour (very cool name). I have the gift bags here with me, but go check out the site anyway. They have a 20% sale going until the end of the month.

Shoot me an email at makeuptheory@verizon.net to give me your contact information. I'll send out your winnings by Tuesday.

On to a little bit of business before I return to my blog surfing duties.

Please say hello to Makeup Theory's new mascot/e-pet, Shimmer. She can be found on the right of this page snooping around. She's a guinea pig (please don't call her a hamster. It upsets her). She's chosen as a reminder to cosmetic companies that it's NOT okay to test on furry friends - in real life or cyberspace.

Go play with Shimmer a little. We've taught her to follow your cursor.

A peek at next week's line up: Rebecca Williams, the founder of Becca Cosmetics, will add to the natural/synthetic ingredients debate.

And a natural/organic skin care formulator (she makes skin care for some of the coolest natural lines on the scene today) will weigh in on the argument, as well.

If I can time my makeover around her baby's nap, I'll be showcasing my lovely friend, Kristen, as my first REAL Mommy Makeover.

This is more exciting than WWWF. At least I think it must be, I've never watched a wrestling match in my life. Too much sweat and grunting.

That's it for today, ladies. Thanks for making this Give Away a success. There will be more in the near future.