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Organic Beauty Magazine

This past weekend the pipes in my house froze. I was completely waterless. Not to mention smelly and evil. I called a plumber. He didn’t arrive for 18 hours. When he finally showed up, he couldn’t get the water back on.

And I owed him $200.

To keep myself from strangling someone – anyone would do, really – I jumped in my car and drove (through the snow) to Barnes & Noble. Few things calm my frazzled nerves like a trip to B&N. Okay, Sephora is another option. But B&N is a closer drive.

After snagging a parking spot near the door, I headed for the café and a big steamy mug of mint tea. En route, I picked up my usual stack of glossies: Metropolitan Home, Marie Claire, Real Simple and Vogue.

As I turned the corner to claim a seat by the window, I saw it.
Organic Beauty Magazine.

Oh, I felt faint. Could it be? In a down economy when big money mags are closing their doors, leaving teary-eyed editors on the sidewalks, this beautiful new GREEN magazine is hitting the market?

The cover said it loud and clear – Premiere issue. Wow. I snatched it up and headed for a comfy chair.

The first article I read, "Get Your Green Makeover" , was just what I’ve been looking for – a guide to REAL natural makeup, not the commercially hyped “mineral” lines that contain the same old chemicals with a few minerals thrown in for good marketing.

Next I read, “How to Shop Smart for Organic and Natural Beauty”, an article that explained the labeling on health store brands (What does “natural” really mean?). I read the issue from cover to cover. Every feature and filler was insightful and well written.

I’ve been desperate to switch out all of my department store beauty products for natural/organic Indie brands. But the research involved was always what stopped me. How would I find the good products? Would my clients get good customer service ordering makeup online? Would I find vibrant, fashionable colors in natural lines?

Well, according to Organic Beauty Magazine, there are a lot of quality choices out there and more are popping up every day. I'm so excited.

Do you have a favorite natural or organic beauty product? Please tell me what it is and where you buy it. I may be able to use it for my work. Thanks.