Empowering Every Woman to be Beautiful

Dream Workshop

Picture twenty women gathered in their designer labels, seated Fashion Week style around a small "stage". They range from 13 to 80 in years, all outrageously chic and incredibly energized.

That was my last Makeup Theory Workshop - just a week ago. The lovely, outgoing host, none other than Ms Miranda (a networking maven and stellar image consultant) held the event at her family's amazingly beautiful home in Camp Hill, PA. The room she set up for me - get this - was made completely of glass.

Huge skylight. Ceiling to floor windows. Overlooking a babbling brook. This was a makeup artist's dream location. Natural light is a God-send.

In this idyllic location, I had two hours to share the secrets to absolute beauty. And boy, did we get down to business!

We covered everything from choosing the perfect foundation color & texture to buying natural hair brushes on discount. I love to pull women from the audience for live demonstrations and I was pleasantly surprised to find none of them refused my request for models.

At the end, after the false lashes had been applied and blue eyes smoked, the gracious host handed out goodie bags stuffed with treats from Sephora.

The buzz is still lighting up my email box. I wish I'd remembered to take photos. Duh. I know. I'm lame.

I have a few spaces left in my calendar for this year if you'd like to host a beauty event for 20 of your closest friends or clients. It makes a memorable holiday gift.